Calling all Lawyers… to defend the case for yoga

The case for making space for yoga at work

A client recently articulated how yoga compared to other physical forms of exercise that he had done in the past for his mental and physical wellbeing.

As a lawyer, he explained that throughout the day a fire builds up inside him, and after work he fuels his fire with more fire at the gym, so that he becomes so physically exhausted is able to fall asleep at night, regardless of his mental state.

After an injury he was forced to try a new form of physical activity and he discovered yoga. At first he was sceptical, but then he began to notice he was able to sleep better, and it wasn’t just from physical exhaustion (although be warned, some yoga classes can be extremely challenging). Suddenly he was creating space in his mind and not just his body. He observed that he was no longer fuelling his fire and overly exerting his physical body. Instead, when he practiced yoga he was putting out his fire with water, helping him to calm his mind, body and soul and move the body is a more compassionate, safer, sustainable and nourishing way.

I continue to be inspired by my clients who are able to harmonise busy and challenging careers, finding time for family and friends, whilst working on their own mental and physical health to avoid passing down harmful habits, thought patterns and low self esteem to future generations. 

If you are a company looking for ways to help your staff improve their mental and physical health, they won’t be the only ones to benefit from it. Book one of our amazing yoga teachers for an hour a week to come into your office, and take the burden away from your colleagues who may be struggling to make time for themselves. The price of one yoga class, which can serve up to 50 people in your office, is likely to cost far less than one single client lunch. The ROI will be enormous as studies show yoga helps to improve levels of clarity, productivity and efficiency ( Additionally, you can get your clients involved in the yoga class too, and break the mould!

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