Overcoming Fear Of Public Speaking Day – July 2

3 Signs you MAY have a hidden fear of public speaking and top tips from the experts…

Three hidden signs you have a fear of public speaking

  1. Memorizing your material - Audiences want a speaker who's knowledgeable about his or her topic, and can talk to them with ease. Being present and responding to the speaking situation in real time is organic and engaging. Doubting your own ability to do this is a sign that you have a fear.

  2. Thinking about yourself more than your audience - It's natural to think about yourself and want to do well when you speak in public, but the more you think about yourself, the harder it will be to get on the wavelength of serving the people you're there to talk to.

  3. Worrying about performance -If you're worrying about your performance, you're actually making it more difficult for yourself to perform well. The irony is, you can't give a good performance by trying to perform well. Good actors never think about themselves in the moment of performance, they are in the body and mind of their character to deliver the best possible performance to their audience.

    If any of these apply to you read on for some top tips from our experts!

Top tips from Peta Cornish and Laura Hanna

I met Peta and Laura at a ‘growing your own business’ event at We-work. They were running a workshop on how to pitch to investors. I geared myself up for a tedious lecture on what and what not to do when delivering your pitch, thinking I would get nothing out of it except, maybe, confirmation that I would never be good at public speaking.

Instead I was shocked to find myself completely captivated and absorbed in what they were saying and I left feeling confident that I could happily, and successfully, deliver a speech on something I was passionate about, and knowledgeable on, to a large group of people. How I hear you ask…

Tools such as breath work, movement, grounding yourself and mindset were used throughout the session to overcome fear. As a yogi, some of these techniques were familiar to me, but something I had never associated to public speaking.. As two female actresses and co-founders of the Pitch Process, they bought a sense of softness and non-judgement to the workshop, allowing the group to relax in each others company. After only a short session and a large group, my public speaking skills were greatly enhanced and I felt ready to take on the world!

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