Stand out from the crowd …


Create an Employee Survey to Evaluate Needs

The best designed corporate wellness programs focus on the actual needs of employees. Create a survey and ask employees to fill it out. Include 5 - 10 ideas for wellness perks in your survey and see which are most popular. We have created an example one for you - just send this link around the office and we will share the results with you.

Host a Wellness Event Centred on Employees

One way that many companies roll out their wellness programs is with an onsite health and wellness fair for employees. Choose trusted or recommended vendors to sample their service or product on the day, and include a wide variety of wellness interests to make this a successful event. Schedule at least one a year and provide employees with at-least two months notice. See our list of suggested vendors, contact us if you would like to be connected to the right person.

  • Lotus Bites - Exciting and new to the market, healthy snacks made out of the lotus seed plant with tons of health benefits

  • The Yoga Agency - Private & Corporate wellness classes & events, tailored to individual requirements.

  • The Pitch Process - Inspirational female empowerment coaches

  • A Mindful Massage therapist

  • A Sports Massage therapist

  • A Mental Health coach

  • A Qualified Nutritionist and/or Sleep therapist

  • F45 fitness representative

Partner with a trusted Wellness Vendor

A successful wellness program is made up of many people and resources, from c-suite, organisers, employees and of course the wellness vendors.

Be sure to work directly with companies who know about the industry and to get the best range of instructors and advice on which wellness packages will be best for your office! Head to our website to get started.

Establish a Written Employee Wellness Policy

Create and publish clear employee wellness program guidelines and make them part of your employee handbook. Have this as a visible perk on your careers page and add images and stories on your social media platforms to inspire other companies to do the same.

Engage your audience

If you are paying for a wellness service for your employees such as a weekly yoga class, get as many people in the office involved as possible to increase your return on investment.

Use an online tool, such as Canva, to create posters to stick up around the workplace in order to educate employees about the wellness initiative. Alternatively book a class through us and we will make posters and email templates for you at no extra cost, as we have done it all before.

Promote Health and Provide Wellness Incentives in a Fun Way

Mix up any regular wellness initiatives such as weekly exercise classes with fun and interactive wellness events - browse here for inspiration!

It is often a good idea to coincide these events with what’s happening on the outside world e.g. organise a gong bath and mindfulness workshop during mental health week and a nutrition workshop during healthy eating week (coming up). Visit our Events page to download a copy of our wellness calendar so you don’t forget any important health awareness dates.

Make it part of your corporate culture with ongoing incentives for employees to take steps to better their health. Host walking and running clubs, have an area on campus for fitness and de-stressing and create marketing around the idea of wellness at work.

Gather Feedback and Results for Future Improvements

Over time, people’s needs will change and change is good, so make sure to collect regular feedback and ideas for future enhancements from your employees, this will show them that you care.

Over time you will notice an increase in employee participation in your wellness programs and success stories will start emerge out of the ranks. For all Yoga Agency clients, tailor made feedback forms will be sent to you each month to review the current programme, free of charge.