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Corporate Events

Need something a bit different to get your team bonding? Look no further..

Sound Healing

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We forgot about it… but its making a come back! Throughout history, music and sound has been used to boost morale in military troops, help people work faster and more productively, and even ward off evil spirits by chanting. Bring the healing benefits of sound and vibrations to your office, with one of our sound healing events. Click here for gong bath events and here for crystal bowl meditation!



We all know a healthy workforce is a happy workforce so why not empower your co-workers with a fun, practical session which will promise to be educational, but most importantly, delicious.



Yoga supper club? Get your team bonding over a mindful yoga flow class suitable for all levels, in an amazing venue in London, with a healthy and wholesome three course dinner! We partner with top London brands including DownDog & Dine, to bring your employees together. Click here for more info.



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Yoga and Flow


A series of movements and meditations drawn from the ancient Chinese art of qigong. It is a form of movement meditation accessible to all ages and all levels of experience, teaching practitioners to calm the mind, and move the body in a mindful way, finding stillness in movement, and observing movement in stillness.

A yoga and calligraphy workshop incorporates yoga and crafts to get those creative juices flowing. These workshops are mindful events, really tapping into personal creativity, perfect for in the workplace! A space to get creative and unwind all at the same time.